Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise reporting can be defined as the regular provision of information to decision-makers within an organisation to support them in their work. These reports can take the form of graphs, text and tables and, typically, are disseminated through an intranet as a set of regularly updated web pages. Alternatively, they may be emailed directly to users or simply printed out and handed around.


The Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project is an open source project that is focused on the design, generation and delivery of reports and charts. BIRT is a full feature open source project that matches or exceeds the functionality of many commercial BI tools. Designed from the ground up to support web based, multi-lingual reporting, BIRT is appropriate for Projects, Enterprises, or Embedded/Product solutions.

We provide services that cover the entire range of BIRT technology and product development lifecycle including:

  • Architecture and strategy
  • Report Design - reports that make an impact
  • Development and implementation
  • System integration
  • Extension and customization of BIRT

Rational Insight and RRDI (Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence)

Rational Insight and RRDI are a performance measurement and management solution to help improve projects and processes. Rational Insight delivers measurement best practices that help you speed time to market, improve quality, and take greater control of software and systems development. It provides objective dashboards and measures for transparency and control of risks, status and trends.

Rational Insight provides:

  • Support for data-based decision making—automates collection, measurement and analysis of real-time data and complete information for informed decision making.
  • Role-based information—offers measures and metrics tailored and optimized for specific roles. Cross-boundary visibility—provides visibility into your data across projects, products and geographical boundaries to monitor status and progress in a single view.
  • Best practices—assesses and measures results for continual process improvement with the adoption of best practice frameworks.

RRDI is reporting component included with the Collaborative Lifecycle Management product suite from the Jazz platform from IBM. It includes a set of development intelligence reports and tools for customizing these development intelligence reports.

Rational Insight performance management software can provide your organization with tools that help you keep your project and process investments in concert with your strategic objectives.

Overview of RRDI

Overview of RRDI

Rational Insight Dataflow

Rational Insight Dataflow

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