Software Development Life Cycle / Application Life Cycle Management

We provide Software Development Life Cycle and Application Life Cycle Management consulting services on Jazz-based products including integration with OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) compliant tools.

Jazz Development Consulting Services

Jazz is a scalable platform that can integrate tasks across the software life cycle consisting of a set of plug-ins to Eclipse, IBM's Java-based, extensible open source development platform.

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We specialized on Jazz-based products such as Rational Team Concert. We provide a range of services from installation, customization to full deployment on production sites.

Rational Team Concert Rational Team Concert

A collaborative delivery environment that empowers distributed, agile software project teans to simplify, automate, and govern software delivery.

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Process awareness and customizability

Rational Team Concert can improve the productivity of your teams and the quality of the work they produce by allowing each team to teach the tool its best practices. Rational Team Concert uses this knowledge to automatically detect violations of your teams' process the moment they happen.

Team awareness

Rational Team Concert knows your project teams, their internal organization, and the artifacts they are working on. It greatly simplifies the access to team-related information or performing team-related operations. To mention only one example, in order to subscribe to a feed with all events specific to a team, just select the team in the user interface and select 'Subscribe to Team Events' from the context menu.

Work item tracking

Work items are the fundamental mechanism in Rational Team Concert to track and coordinate development tasks and workflows, all governed by your team's associated process. In addition work items are the hub for linkage between many Rational Team Concert artifacts (e.g. builds, work items, and change sets), as well as providing support for integration with other products. Work Item customization can be used to create new work item types or modify existing types in order to support the development process that your team follows.

Source control

The Source Control component of Rational Team Concert is a component-based version control system built on the Jazz platform. Its focus is on supporting geographically distributed teams and has strong support for parallel and agile development. It's built from the ground up to support a highly integrated collaborative development environment, integration with defect tracking, integration with builds, and process-centric automation.


The Planning component of Rational Team Concert provides tools to assist with the planning and execution of both agile and traditional projects. For agile projects it provides tools to create product, release and sprint backlogs for teams, to create individual plans for developers, and to track the progress during an iteration and to balance the work load of developers. For traditional projects Rational Team Concert supports schedule dependencies and constraints and a Gantt chart editor to create project plans. Regardless of the process used, plans are accessible to everyone on the team, and can change dynamically over the course of the project to reflect the team's position and direction.

Continuous builds

The Team Build component integrates the team's build system into Rational Team Concert, providing build awareness, control, and traceability to the team. Team members can track build progress, view build alerts and results, request builds, and trace builds to other artifacts like change sets and work items.

Transparency/project health

The Team Reports and Web Dashboards components of Rational Team Concert help you to keep tabs on the health of your project. Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of work item queries, event feeds, reports, and other items that are critical to understanding your progress. Reports provide both real-time views and historical trends of builds, streams, work items, and other artifacts that your team works with.

Please email us at for any SDLC consulting and interoperability needs with Jazz-based tools.



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