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Building your corporate website and software is more than a simple combination of a marketing exercise, an access to the end user and a simplification of operations. Every company needs to form a unique website and software strategy consistent with its own approach to business. These range from the primary focus and evolution of the website, to a risk mitigation towards future technology change.

Regardless of whether you are planning to create a portal, an e-commerce website or simple information based content website designing a slick, visually attractive website is not enough. What you need is a site informative, intuitive and efficient.

We accomplish this by helping clients design and manage websites that can be used as a forum for enhancing strong customer relations, which over a period of time enables our clients to build a loyal base of customers.


We use modern web 2.0 ready content management framework featuring a robust and flexible API allowing web designers and web developers to create highly customized, accessible and standard compliant dynamic websites. This technology allows us to create a real separation between the web site content and its presentation for ease of maintenance.

We use MODx a powerful and complex CMS (Content Management System). Actually, we like to refer to it as a CMF (Content Management Framework) because you can build your own CMS using MODX as a platform. Everything in MODX is a well-crafted PHP class of objects based on xPDO as an object persistence framework.

  • For contents we use a simple and powerful template system that is fully customizable.
  • Dynamic stylesheets are used for presentation. No one would challenge the fact that dynamic web pages have brought a revolution to the web. To this date, dynamic stylesheets (a.k.a server side css) are still rare.

Today, a simple static web site isn't always enough. A cost effective and popular new solution to web design is the integration of dynamic functionality. We can integrate a content management system into your web site, allowing you to instantly update your news, content and images so that your web site is always up to date and accurate.

With such functionality installed on your web site you can collect and store client information onto a database, log in and edit your web-site from any computer via the internet, and add catalogues or downloads to your web site. The possibilities are almost endless.

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