Search Engine Preparation

When a search engine indexes a web page, it scans the page in search of specific keywords. The pages that rank high when a search is returned are the pages that are most relevant to the search query.

If your page doesn't rank in the top 10 or 20 results when doing a keyword search at the search engines, your target audience most likely won't find you..

When designing your web pages, you must specifically optimize each page of your web site. Each page should target one specific subject and be optimized with keywords that best describe the subject.

Optimizing your web pages will include all of the following:

  • Selecting the most relevant keywords for each page.
  • Placing the META keyword and description tags within the head section of each page.
  • Using your primary keywords as your page title.
  • Placing keywords within your image ALT tags.
  • Placing your primary keywords within heading tags.
  • Using your primary keywords as image names.
  • Using your primary keywords as page names for hyperlinks.
  • Using keywords within your body text.

Keywords/Keyword Phrases

A keyword is a word that best describes your web page.

A keyword phrase is two or more words that best describe your web page.

When optimizing your web pages, you should concentrate on just a few keyword phrases for each page. These keyword phrases should directly relate to your subject. Avoid using general one word keywords, as you surely won't rank high in the search engines.

When you begin optimizing your web pages, each page should be optimized for a different primary keyword phrase.

The key to ranking high in the search engines and driving highly targeted traffic to your site is to select highly targeted, product specific keyword phrases that are less competitive and less generalized. You don't want to target every little possible keyword; you want to focus on your primary keyword phrases for each page.

Your first step towards optimizing your web pages will be to download a useful tool called Good Keywords. This is a free software program that will enable you to type in a specific keyword and it will return a list of keyword phrases.

Selecting the right keyword phrases is the first step towards ranking high in the search engines.

Free SEO Tools

Find below some SEO tools that will show you how your site ranks on search engines and help you improve your ranking.

Backlink Checker | seo tools Backlink Checker
  This tool shows you the web sites that link back to you and their page rank.
Google Banned Checker | seo tools Google Banned Checker
  This tool will analyze your domain with Google search to detect if the domain is banned.
Google PageRank Prediction | seo tools Google PageRank Prediction
  This tool predicts your future Google PageRank.
Keyword Density Checker | seo tools Keyword Density Checker
  Find out what keywords are popular on your pages. The keywords will be shown in a visual way (cloud view).
Keyword Suggestion | seo tools Keyword Suggestion
  This tool will display up to 10 popular keywords matching your initial keyword.
Link Popularity | seo tools Link Popularity
  Find how many links your domain has on the most common search engines.


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