The software development life cycle (SDLC) (sometimes referred to as the system development life cycle) is the process of creating or altering software systems, and the models and methodologies that people use to develop these systems. In any such lifecycle, people, process and technology all play a role in success. PTC is committed to developing solutions for engineering (Software System Lifecycle Management) and IT (Application Lifecycle Management) organizations along with world class technology (Integrity) to accelerate innovation in software intensive products and systems.

CLM Consulting Inc. SDLC

CLM Consulting Inc. SDLC

The project life cycle is organized into four phases and includes multiple iterations:

  • Inception/Requirements
  • Analysis/Elaboration
  • Built/Construction
  • Test/Transition/Implementation

For software development the following tasks need to be accomplished:

  • Gathering Requirements: Define and annotate storyboards, process diagrams, use cases, and UI diagrams to develop specification documents.
  • Designing and Developing Applications.
    Collaborating with Team Members: Create a collaborative software delivery environment for your development teams. Team members can log into a centralized repository for tasks, source code management and online chat with other members of the team.
  • Managing Development Projects: In addition to the team collaboration features, tools are required for planning and managing distributed software development teams—defining team members, roles, release and iteration plans; assigning tasks to team members; insuring compliance with your organization’s development processes; and tracking project progress with reports and dashboards.
  • Automating Software Builds: Automate software builds for consistent software delivery by allowing users to automatically produce and test integration builds.
  • Testing Your Applications: Assess your software quality with automation and security testing to reduce the overall cost of software development.

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